Your success in life hinges on your ability to communicate. Most people communicate in a very unconscious manner, unaware of how ineffective and damaging their communication can be to their relationships and outcomes they hope to achieve. Whether you are managing people, selling products and services, negotiating, teaching, coaching, training, working with others in teams, your communication is key. In all personal relationships, every interaction entails communication. Your level of skill and aptitude using this much underestimated tool, can ensure consistent phenomenal outcomes in your interactions, or endless frustration, miscommunication, lack of understanding and breakdown of relationships. This advanced communication skills course will teach you how to:

  • Understand the differences in people, their behaviour, thinking and personality styles
  • How to create resonance, shared meaning and understanding with others using empathy, listening skills and appropriate responses in all communication interactions
  • Be in the NOW and focused on the exchange and contribution of oneself
  • Be aware of the power of one’s words
  • Understand and use body language in a conscious and effective manner