No parent wakes up in the morning planning to make a child’s life miserable. Yet in spite of good intentions, well-meaning and loving adults still blame, shame, accuse, ridicule, threaten, bribe, label, punish, preach and moralize in response to their children. This response is not without consequence; it affects personality and self-regard for the worse. Why? Because most people are unaware of the destructive power of words, even well intentioned ones. The tragedy of such communication often lies not in the lack of caring, but the lack of understanding; not in the lack of intelligence, but the lack of knowledge. Parents need a special way of relating and talking with their children. Children learn attitude and behavioural patterns from their parents. This course will allow you to:

  • Explore your role as a parent
  • Feel more confident and capable as a parent
  • Build your relationship with your child
  • Have less resistance and struggle and more cooperation and harmony in your home
  • Build your child’s self-esteem and confidence consciously
  • Apply discipline in an effective manner